Hey, I’m Josh Wade, a Podcast Engineer/Producer living in Houston. You can find me lurking around Austin too…I like tacos. A lot. More than a normal human should. Which is good because I’m anything but normal. What is normal anyway? I’m also a Nerd. You know…Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror, comic books, tabletop games that take 45 minutes to set up before you can even start playing…yeah, that’s my bag!

But I’m also a Podcast Nerd. And I produce podcasts. I want produce better podcasts. I’m pretty sure you do too. (I can help you with a Podcast Tune-Up!)

Podcasts that tell a great story and deliver high quality sound. Mashing the record button and belching random thoughts into a mic doesn’t cut it. Our audience expects and deserves more from us. 

I’ll document this podcasting odyssey on this blog. (Article archives.) Most days I’ll reflect on podcasting. Whether it’s news in the industry, production tips, equipment reviews, storytelling tips, etc. I’ll be sure to give my unfiltered opinion. However, some days I may fall down the rabbit hole on some totally unrelated topic. Because that’s how life works. I hope you’ll join me.

Drop me a line on Twitter or Instagram and say hi!  – Josh