Hey, I’m Josh Wade, a Podcast Engineer/Producer living in Houston.

I like tacos. A lot. More than a normal human should. Which is good because I’m anything but normal. What is normal anyway?

I’m also a Nerd. You know…Sci-fi, Fantasy, Horror, comic books, tabletop games that take 45 minutes to set up before you can even start playing…yeah, that’s my bag!

But I’m also a Podcast Nerd. And I produce podcasts. I want produce better podcasts. I’m pretty sure you do too.

Podcasts that tell a great story and deliver high quality sound. Mashing the record button and belching random thoughts into a mic doesn’t cut it. Our audience expects and deserves more from us. 

I’ll document my podcasting journey on this blog. (Article archives)

I hope you’ll join me.

Drop me a line on Twitter or Instagram and say hi! 

– Josh