Are you good enough to start a blog?

Blog posts galore litter the internet, encouraging you to start a blog. Do it today. Don’t think there are too many. Well, there are and most are craptastic…but at least they got started.

Stick with me. This may come across as rude. Sorry not Sorry.

You and those crappy blogs have may something in common.

No conviction. No belief in what you have to say. If you even think you have anything to say.

Doesn’t matter if anyone ever reads it. (Not possible. Somebody already loves us enough to grit their teeth and read our words.) Do it because…

You will learn. Grow. Hone. Get better. Find out more about yourself.

So, yeah, you’re good enough to start a blog.

But great enough to stick with it? To see the success and rewards you hear about? Do the work. You’ll see.

Update: Don’t get stuck trying to decide. WordPress site or Blogger? They say this platform is best…Grrr! Go start here on Medium or even on Facebook. Everything is a blog. Start writing. Do it daily. Make it a habit. And read more than you write…

Go get after it!

Here’s a helpful article on Seth Godin’s writing advice. (Warning: The site has added a bunch of annoying popups, but the content is good. Yes, a despise popups too!)