And the Oscar for ‘Attention to Detail’ Goes to…

Not the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Not Warren Beatty or Faye Dunaway. And not the Auditing firm, PwC. Always blame the accountants! And Matt Damon blames Jimmy Kimmel. (That fued has jumped the shark.)

But no one person or entity should shoulder complete blame for this debacle. The process will be reviewed and picked apart. New procedures implemented to avoid any future embarrassment.

How did the happen? Great question. But the real question…Why didn’t anyone stop the runaway train before the wrong film was announced?

It’s easy to be over critical. The circumstances and pressure of that moment is something most will never understand. Millions watching. Anticipating the winner’s name…

Uh. Hmm. This doesn’t look right. Uh. (Somebody come bail me out!) What? No, I’m stalling…Fine. Here, you read it…

It was painful. And we can learn from it.

Every day we have opportunities to question the results. To make sure the facts are correct. That we understand reality.

We must dare to blow the whistle. Assume the risk of looking silly, so that no one else does. Asking for clarification may save a reputation. It may even save a life.

*Theories are fun! Who Screwed Up the Best Picture Announcement?