Let’s launch a podcast

That’s how it starts. An idea. A declaration. But what happens next?

Excuses. Life. Self-doubt. Fear. Indecision. Feeling of inadequacy.

But what if you just started? What if you didn’t needed to know all the answers right now?

If it’s terrible then you got it out of the way. Those first episodes are going to be rough anyway.

Pull the trigger. Start. Ask questions. Ask for help.

But don’t, not start.

This post is for me. I’ve spent a year and a half talking about launching a Nerd News podcast.

That ends today. And I’ll document the process here. Work flow, gear, & monetization. The whole enchilada.

I may crash and burn. But that’s ok, because if I can help someone avoid my mistakes…we all win.

Why am I going to do this where all can see? Because you will help hold me accountable.

I’m ready. Are you?

Let’s go!

We have the Power

We don’t know how our words may resonate with some listeners.

Sometimes what we consider as a throw away line or a silly aside holds deep meaning for someone else. Sometimes you go off script to riff on something that’s heavy on your heart. That’s good. Be real.

Audio, more than any medium, reaches down into our hearts. To places we forgot, we’d like to forget, or never knew existed.

When someone reaches out to say thank you for your words, be gracious. Be kind. Strive to receive more interactions like that. Not for your ego’s sake, but to know that you are making a difference. It’s a noisy world. Don’t add to it.

Podcasts are a powerful thing. Wield your power responsibly.

Spotify goes all in

If we didn’t think Spotify was serious about podcasting before…

They just purchased Gimlet & Anchor for $230 million. And plan on spending $500 million this year on more acquisitions.

Spotify CEO, Daniel Elk posits “With the world focused on trying to reduce screen time, it opens up a massive audio opportunity.” Clearly, that opportunity is podcasting.

Paul Colligan also talked about the Gimlet purchase on the Podcast Report and what it means for podcasting. Give it a listen: Spotify To Buy Gimlet Media

Podcasting is getting a huge push with this news. Now more than ever, we need to tighten up our content and produce high quality shows. Don’t be afraid to niche down. That’s where the attention will be. More people will know about podcasts than ever before and they’ll want to listen to our weird shows.

What a time to be alive!

P.S. – Is your show on Spotify yet? I can think of 200 million reasons it should be…