Why You Should Start a Podcast…TODAY!

Don’t ignore blogging. Keep writing. Daily.

Writing is the basis of almost all creative activities and other mediums.

Songs. Speeches. Books. Films. Selling. Videos. Podcasts. All require writing first. Especially, if they intend to be great. Keep honing your writing skills.

So why start a podcast? 

There is one grand function podcasts perform that arch above all of these and more. And it is the single most important reason why you should seriously consider starting a podcast.

Podcasts connect.  – Copyblogger

That’s not to say that we can’t connect with a blog or a piece of writing. A beautiful piece of prose can speak directly to the soul. It’s a priceless thing.

Podcasts are different. There’s a unique intimacy not replicated by any other medium. Podcasts speak to us (see what I did there?) in our most relaxed and vulnerable moments. A human voice reaching out and speaking to us in places we rarely invite any one else.

Last year, my co-hosts and I attended the Walker Stalker Con in Dallas. A young lady, Misty, stopped us to say she enjoyed our show. We made her laugh. Made her day better. I can’t convey hows it feels to hear this kind of feedback! Something we made resonated and made someone smile. How cool is that!

Once you start podcasting you’ll see this for yourself.

Where do you start?

I’m working on a tutorial covering the A to Z of podcasting. Soup to Nuts. No stone left unturned. Until then, please refer to this write up. It’ll help you get started.

How to Start a Podcast: The Ultimate Step by Step Podcasting Guide

Don’t get bogged down by what tech to use. Find the minimum equipment needed that makes you listenable. Focus on what you want to talk about. Commit to providing great content above all. Think about the listener. Then build a community with them. It may take a little time to build. Be patient. It’s worth it. Good things are coming.

I’ll make a little bet with you. You’ll get bit by the podcasting bug, and fall in love with the process! You’ll be glad you started today instead of waiting…go get after it!

Never hesitate to ask for help. Let’s make great podcasts together!