1,000,000 Podcasts

Sure, there’s over a 1,000,000 podcasts but don’t let that stop you from making your weird show. Unless your show sucks. In content or quality.

We don’t need more shitty podcasts. (Yes, I’m looking in the mirror.)

Suckage regarding content is subjective. Example: Not everyone wants to listen to a podcast dedicated to a TV show. That’s ok. It’s not for them.

Bring your passion for those that love the TV show too!

No exceptions. No excuses. Don’t need to spend a fortune on equipment. But you do need to learn how to use it right.

Why? As more podcasts are created, listeners will be more discerning.

Get. Better.

Write Everyday

Write a movie review. Write about your favorite music. Write a podcast script. Write a short story. Start that novel. Doesn’t matter what it is. Just write.

I prefer you post it on a blog. Like this one. So we can read it too. You can’t hide behind a notebook and pen. Show your work.

You can use wordpress.com. There’s Medium or Substack. You can even blog on Facebook…No not there. Anywhere but there.

Write everyday.

It forces you to think. To read more. To help you clarify your thoughts. And articulate those thoughts.

You’ll consume responsively to create responsively.

And don’t do it for money. Keep it free. The internet is full of noise and trash. Be better.

But be careful what you write about. And why you are writing. If you force it. It’ll show. We can spot a phony a mile away.

We talk everyday. Why is this any different? It’s not. We’re having a conversation right now. And I’ll have this same conversation with other readers for years to come. How cool is that?

Write everyday.

I promise you will never look back with regret. Because you’ll will have learned so much about yourself in the process. And you have relationships with cool people, you’d never have met without it.

Go get started.

Never The Same

Will it ever go back to normal? Has this pandemic changed everything forever?

Yes. And that’s ok.

We shouldn’t want everything to go back to the way it was.

This is a gift. A time to reflect. A time to prune. An opportunity to let go of the things holding us back from learning and growing.

We can be more mindful. More generous. Less self-centered.

This time of disruption and frustration can be a time of healing.

Many are hurting. And the pain has just begun. We have a long road ahead. And we need each other to get through this. Now more than ever.

If we can learn to lead, live together, and love each other authentically, let’s never be the same.

People. Process. Tools.

I wrote this a few years back after a stressful project. The concept of people over process over tools has been my guiding light. It’s easy to get lost in the sea of personalities and impersonality of deep budgets in big corporate robot factories. But the principles here apply to creative endeavours too.

People. Process. Tools.

Always in that order.

And yet, we get this simple formula out of order.

Budgets balloon. Projects spiral out of control. Compliance isn’t met. Violations occur. People stare at each other. Unblinking. Hoping the other has an explanation for where it all went wrong.

Why does this happen? Is it a lack of knowledge? No. Too many smart people for that to be true. They come up with awesome solutions everyday. And refine those processes through automation and removing unnecessary steps.

But do these wonderful things work together to achieve collective, organizational success?

More often then not, no. We’ll get there but not without many inefficient cycles of madness. Burning out our smartest people along the way.

Everything good flows from people.

Do we have the right people in the right positions? No one is exempt from scrutiny. No one.

Are we willing to let go of our pride? Admit when we’re creating the bottlenecks. The cause of poor communication, unnecessary politics, and not setting the tone?

Are we content to manage? Do just enough to get by?

Instead, I’m asking you to do what we so desperately need you to do…


The Write Life

If you fancy yourself a writer, you must write. Everyday.

That’s what the experts say. But who want to listen to the experts? We want to do our own thing! We’re creative and free. No one can tell us what we must do to be successful.

Except they’re right. The work must be put in. And yes, daily.

Don’t be discouraged. There’s still hope.

The problem is we tend to think terms of content. Their content. And that’s where the friction lies. We see what others are doing and we know we can’t possibly do that, everyday.

And we can’t. We shouldn’t. That’s not us. We’re different.

But we must bring our different to our tribe daily. But it won’t feel like work.

It’ll feel right.

Because we’re living the write life.