Commit To Not Quit

Make a new commitment and soon after, you will be tested.

Get busy and miss a workout. Meh.

Blow your diet by sucking down a juicy, delicious burger at lunch AND dinner. (Don’t judge me! I’ll exercise tomorrow!)

And that side hustle project can wait until tomorrow…am I right? (Who are we kidding? We’ll work for the man forever.)

The worst thing happens next.

We quit. Give up. We mentally beat ourselves senseless because we failed. We stop trying. Sometimes we stop trying at everything. Bad things happen in that dark place…

But it’s OK to quit. Quit the things we’re forcing. Quit being fake. Quit cramming ourselves into a mold we don’t fit.

Commit to not quit the right things. Do what you are here to do. Because no one else can do it like you do it.

But don’t try to do it alone. Get a partner(s) that cares about you, as you care about them. Encourage each other. Push each other. Hold each other up. Commit to helping each other. Because friends don’t let friends eat two burgers in one day.