Cruise control

I rarely use it. In fact, I use it when maintaining a certain speed in necessary to not get pulled over. But it’ weird because I’m already being cautious. So really, it’s a safety net to prevent a negative thing from happening. That’s cool and we need certain controls in our lives to prevent us from doing things that will cause us harm. Financial or otherwise.

But how many times do we put life in general on cruise control?

The numbers on the podcast are decent. Let’s just let it ride. It’ll continue to grow on it’s own!

I’m comfy with the day job. Punch in. Punch out. No need to take more projects or innovate. And who needs continuing education? Pfft!

Until one day, our podcast numbers start to drop. Engagement with listeners goes down. We’re passed for a promotion and our annual review says we’re middle of the road.

We wonder what has happened. Nothing seems to be going right. But it shouldn’t be a surprise. Nothing is happening because that’s what we wanted.

Otherwise, we’d ripped out the cruise control and force ourselves to be intentional.