Do it for the downloads

Two questions stand out when talking to prospective podcasters:

  1. How do I start a podcast?
  2. How do I get listeners?

First, who still downloads podcasts? Aren’t we all streaming them now?

The second question is most likely a smokescreen. And after a little more conversation, a little digging, they admit they want to grow a big show so they can quit their day job and roll around in sponsorship money…Possible but not probable. And it shouldn’t be your goal.

When we worry about whether we’re getting enough listens/downloads, we’re comparing ourselves and our work to others. Their shows. Their “success”. What if they are “successful” but are miserable?

We have a problem. We let vanity metrics rule us. We must know how many liked our posts, retweeted our tweets, read our stuff or listened to out show. Constantly checking. Refreshing. Getting another hit. Each new like feels so good! We’re addicted. I blame social media.

Do it for the downloads that matter.

It should never be about “how many”. It should always be about “who”.

Who is your show for? Everyone? If it’s for everyone, it’s for no one. Numbers matter. But we can make them say whatever we want to hear. Knowing we helped one listener. That’s the metric that matters.