Here we are. Now what?

Here we are. December 31st. Last day of the year. It’s here whether we accomplished our goals for the year or not.

That’s how Time works. It marches on. Not giving special favor to some and not others. No pity given when we don’t do what we set out to do. Even if it wasn’t our fault we didn’t get the job done. And when we reach the end of ours, no bonus Time added to our clock. No penalty shots! The score is final when the clock hits zero.

Now what?

I’ve had a podcast idea for about 2 years and I still haven’t launched it. Since it’s almost the New Year, do I buck up and resolve to launch? Or do I get real with myself and determine that it’s not worth my time?

These are the questions. For any and everything. Business ventures, relationships, eating habits…Do I do it? Or do I not do it?

The question after that is easy. When do I do it?



  1. Resolutions don’t work. Because science…
  2. Ok, Time does some other cool stuff too. Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity simplified
  3. But maybe the poet, Boy George, explained Time best