People. Process. Tools.

IT Compliance is my day job (for now). I wrote this out of frustration with the corporate system. We in Information Technology tend to forget all about listening (customer service) and go straight to solving. Asking ourselves what “tools” can we throw at the problems.

How does this apply to podcasting? We podcasters also tend to focus on the “tech”.  The shiny, new, and overly expensive microphones and extraneous gear that will rocket our show to the top of the Apple Podcasts charts. Forgetting all about the people we’re trying to serve with our content…

People. Process. Tools…Always in that order. Always.

It’s 2018 and we’re still getting this simple formula out of order. Budgets balloon. Projects spiral out of control. Compliance isn’t met. Violations occur. People stare at each other hoping the other has an explanation for where everything went wrong.

Why does this happen? Is it a lack of knowledge?

No. I know too many smart people for that to be true. They come up with awesome solutions everyday and then refine those processes through automation and removing unnecessary steps…but do these wonderful things work together to achieve collective, organizational success? Sadly, more often then not, no. We’ll get there but not without many inefficient cycles of madness. Burning out our smartest people along the way.

People. Everything good flows from people. Do we have the right people in the right positions? No one is exempt from scrutiny. No one.

Are we willing to let go of our pride and admit when we’re creating the bottlenecks, poor communication, unnecessary politics, and not setting the tone?

Are we content to manage? Merely collecting a paycheck?

Instead, I’m asking you to do what we so desperately need you to do…