Podcast Tune-Up

***This page is currently being re-written to focus on services geared toward “tuning up” your show. We’ll look at any and everything to get you running smoothly to your destination. And if you don’t know where you’re going…We’ll figure that out to! Let’s talk soon! – Josh***

Ready to focus on the more important tasks for your podcast? Like developing awesome content or lining up guest interviews.

Tired of mucking around in your DAW trying to cut out all the ‘umms’ and ‘ahs’ from that awesome interview you just recorded? Wait, why is one host louder than the other? Where’s this weird hiss coming from? ARRGGG! And those harsh SSSS’s are like an ice pick to the eardrum!….

Been there. I can help.

What I do:  Engineer/Edit/Mix/Master/Equalize/Volume Leveling/Restoration…I could go on, but honestly, you want your show to sound great!  That’s exactly what you’ll get. (FYI -A bad recording can only be polished so much. No worries. I’ll help you avoid  a bad recording too.)

Best thing you can ever do for your podcast is make sure your message sounds crisp and clean. Free from unnecessary distractions!

Call me at 832-715-5744 or email josh@joshwade.fm. We’ll discuss what you need. We’re smart people, we’ll figure out the solution you need together.

Haven’t launched your show yet or feel like your current show needs a ‘tune up’?

We can discuss topics like: