Shameless self-promotion done right

I’ve reviewed many podcast recommendations on Twitter. Replies littered with “Hey, check out my show. It’s great. My friends tell me I’m hilarious!” or my personnel favorite, ” You’ll love it because I’M hilarious!”.  Oh, ok, Honcho…And did they even ask for comedy recommendations? SMH. Shameless, self-promotion done wrong.

You lost the opportunity to gain a new long-term listener. And be honest with yourself, do you think they are going to listen to your show anyway? Not likely. Credibility tends to go out the window when we recommend our own show. Why would they care? Think of how you would respond. If you wouldn’t click the play button, why would they?

There’s nothing wrong with promoting your show. In fact, you must. No one else will do it for you. Because no one else cares about your marketing goals. And no one cares about the content of your show. Yet.

If we focus on the spreading of ideas (podcasts are a great medium, here are some great shows) instead of our own individual accomplishments (our podcast episodes), it grows our personal platforms in a non-smarmy manner. And you should be building a platform…in a non-smarmy manner.

Also, if someone asks for general recommendations, ask them what type of shows they like. Try to narrow down their tastes. If you fit the bill, go in for the kill. Otherwise help them find what they’re looking for. It doesn’t matter what you get out of the deal. Just be helpful. That’s the best long-term strategy.

More on this and the idea of Self-Promotion vs Self-Adulation in The Art of Shameless Self-Promotion.