We create while we wait

I’m finding that posting daily can lead to rushing ideas that aren’t fully formed. I almost hit publish on a post yesterday. Succumbing to the rush of adrenaline I get keeping this daily blog post commitment.

And it’s the longest blog post I’ve written so far. Good stuff. (I think.) I’m glad I didn’t. It’s not ready. It may not be ready for awhile. Part of me wants me to believe it’ll never be ready. But I don’t listen to that guy. He’s never be the source of anything good. I suspect he’s not interested in turning over a new leaf anytime soon. So his volume dial will stay at zero.

I’ll continue to work on the piece. Let it swirl around in the background. Waiting to be published when it’s ready. Not perfect. Just ready. In the meantime, we wait. But not be idle. We push forward.

We create while we wait.