What happens when you Just Listen

Sometimes deciding what podcast episode to listen to next can be daunting. Ok, not really. Our podcast backlog is quite extensive. Dozens. No, hundreds of episodes to listen to! We may never get to the end of it at this rate. No biggie. We’ll just plow through as many as we can today and see what happens.

But here’s the deal. We push through and we might miss an important trend.

We tend to create a listening bubble.

We get stuck on the same shows, topics, hosts or formats. No intentional seeking of new, fresh ideas. It happens and we all do it.

One way to burst this bubble is the Just Listen app. Fire it up and it plays a random podcast episode. Don’t like what you hear? Dismiss it and get another episode. That’s all it does.

There’s beauty in this simplicity. Sure you’ll get stuff you aren’t interested in. Fine. Move on. But just listen. Give the process a chance. You may find your new favorite show. Or learn something new.

Give it a shot.

Download page: Just Listen App (iTunes only)

Blog post with more background on the Just Listen app.