What is Podcast Success to You?

Be honest. Most of us think the answer is having a large audience. To attract sponsors. To get those advertising dollars. Yes, that’s one way. And it does work. For some.

It’s working for is Aaron Manke. He shared his thoughts on podcasting success for this new year. One thing stood out:

AUDIENCE OVER MONEY. Don’t aim for revenue; aim for audience growth. You can’t monetize a show that no one listens to. So build a fantastic podcast, wait for that podcast to attract a very large audience, and THEN (and only then) start thinking about making money off it.Aaron Manke

I agree. 100%. Take care of your audience. Nurture them. Be share worthy. But do we need to build a ‘very large audience’ to make money?

No. That’s not our truth.

Sure it’s possible.  (Aaron is crushing it.) But be realistic. Be smart. There are other ways to monetize besides sponsorships or Patreon. Although Patreon is a great option. Most do it wrong. You’re not a charity. Stop asking for handouts. We’ll explore implementing a healthy Patreon campaign this year. (Mr. Manke doesn’t rely solely on sponsors. Lore Podcast Patreon)

How do you measure success?

It doesn’t have to be about money. Or building a huge audience. It can be making connections. Or sharing your passion. You define your success criteria. Define it and do it. We are waiting to hear what you have to say.

Read the whole  podcasting success thread from Aaron on Twitter: