What is Your Backup Plan?

“There’s no reason to have a plan B because it distracts from plan A.” – Will Smith

I’m not talking about your life goals. Or how you are self-sabotaging. Holding back. Not going all in on your Plan A…We’ll discuss that later.

Your show. Your backup plan for your podcast episodes. Are you backing them up? Are you saving them to a physical drive and on the cloud? The final MP3 is a start but you should be backing up the raw files too. Just in case. And if you do any client work and you AREN’T saving all files. Your client should fire you. Immediately, if not sooner.

Case Study: Once upon a time, a Showrunner decided backing up episodes to their podcast wasn’t necessary. He labored and tolled to accrue a sizable catalog of episodes. All was good in the world! Then one day, it was time to switch media hosts. Not a complex process and sometimes necessary. Especially if the media host became someone completely different after you got married…ahem. A lot can go wrong though. Be prepared.

But prepared he was not. In his heart he said, “What is the likelihood that anything will happen and I’ll need to retrieve and episode? Why bother with the expense. Not worth my time or effort! Don’t need it!

Long story short, via a billing dispute with the new host deleted 80% of his shows. Gone forever. No way to retrieve and re-post the episodes.

Maybe a listener downloaded the MP3s and one might be able to retrieve some of the episodes. But that’s a stretch. And could be embarrassing to ask your audience to help you recover. Don’t put the responsibility of recovery on them.

Develop a backup plan. Today. Drives are cheap. Storage is cheap. And only getting cheaper. Do not run the risk of losing your work. If you need help. Ask!

Some of us won’t listen to this advice. You’ll wait to learn the lesson yourself. Don’t.

*This case study comes from a private Facebook group post. It is fictionalized to protect the not so innocent. And to really drive the point home that you really should consider backing up your podcast episodes. Like now. No one is responsible for you losing hours of hard work, but you. And yes, I’m ashamed that I still have a Facebook account.  The End.