Why Are You Podcasting?

Money? (You’ll most likely spend more than you’ll ever make.)

Fame? (So what. How long before you wear out your welcome? There are plenty of broke athletes and actors.)

You’re compelled to share your thoughts and can’t sleep until you do? (Right, but why not share on social media or a blog? And what’s the point if you aren’t getting paid?)

You like entertaining? (Who thinks you’re entertaining? You? Oh, your friends think your hilarious? Ok…good luck.)

You want to teach? (Ok, now we’re getting somewhere. You know how much teachers make? Not enough is the answer.)

Do you want me to stop asking all these questions? (I think I know the answer to this one!)

You need to know WHY you make your podcast.

Once you know and I mean really know. The rest of us will too.

P.S. – If you’re stillĀ thinking of starting a podcast? Don’t.