Your Podcast Is Weird

At least that’s the hope. We’re ignored by those that think we’re weird. Cool. Our show isn’t for them. Ignored is better than invisible. Blending in with everything else. Invisible = little to zero listens.
Weird is the only way we make sure our podcast reaches the right people. Not those that look like us, or “listens to podcasts”. 
Those wired like us.
They dig Hallmark Christmas movies, chameleons, or [Insert your weird here] as much as we do. And they want to get knee deep into the weirdness with us.
So, stop trying to reach a broad audience. (They don’t care.)
Don’t worry about big numbers. (This target will only get further away as podcasting grows.)
Go deep. Get weird. The community you build together will be rewarding.
P.S.- Or maybe they want to know Whatever Happened to Pizza at Mcdonald’s?